New Bump in Town : Week 16, Meet your Obstetrician!

Due to my higher BMI (31 – I blame the Dairy Milk), several previous miscarriages and my age I have been referred to midwifery with obstetric care. So my husband and I headed off to the John Radcliffe with plenty of time and, as we are now old hands at this, made sure we left time for one of us to nip off and get hot chocolate.

You will get to know this building VERY well….

When you arrive at Level 1 of the JR you will usually check in at the desk, surrender your Blue Notes and then head to the little office where a lady is waiting for you to wee in a pot for her and take your weight. I had hoped I’d lost weight during the nausea fest of the first trimester but alas, I am sitting firmly at 102kg still despite taking my shoes off. 

After this we waited and were seen by a nurse where my blood pressure was checked and then we waited for the Obstetrician. A note of warning, your appointment time is a little loose! Take a book, your charged up phone, Netflix etc. and prepare for a bit of a wait!

I was seen by a really fantastic doctor. She was very reassuring. She is keen to keep me under obstetric care until after my 20 week scan. She is also very keen, as I suffered from Post-natal depression with my daughter linked to weaning, that we keep an eye on this also. I felt very listened to and was all in all very pleased with the conversation we had.

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