New Bump in Town : 20 week scan

The 20 week scan is often looked forward to as a chance to find out what your baby’s sex will be. For others however it can be an anxious time when they have the baby properly looked at and any ‘anomalies’ can be found and pathways for future care made. 

As a ‘worried Wendy’ who is not finding out the sex of the baby, I was in the latter camp for my 20 week scan. While I was very excited, I have held off buying anything for this baby (oh ok, I bought two baby grows, but they were on sale so, you know….anyway) until after this scan. We had also made sure my daughter Artemis was at home being looked after – while you can take your toddler or children to the scan it isn’t advisable.

It can be a long process (we were at the JR for 2 hours altogether for this scan in and out of the room) and it’s quite boring for small children to be in for all that time. The sonographer also needs to concentrate quite heavily which as you can imagine is easier to do with a quieter room. While the scan is an exciting time for a couple, It is also principally a diagnostic appointment.

We had the lovely Jane do our scan who helpfully explained everything she was looking at on screen and why. My babies are famously camera shy (and in this one’s case, Doppler shy) so I wasn’t expecting shots of the century. Coupled with the fact that I do carry a little ‘avoir du poir’ (as my mum calls it – chub on my tummy to everyone else) at the moment which often causes more grain on the ultrasound image I wasn’t expecting miracles. And this baby was typically shy – it had tucked its head down into my uterus lining where it refused to come out and play. 

Here is where I had a top tip from Jane– while they do not want you to go in with a full bladder as you did in your 12 week scan, also do not go to the toilet right before your scan. You want the Goldilocks of bladders – just right so neither totally empty nor bursting full. 

The scan went well (aside from the baby refusing to move enough – in the end Rich dangled me upside down and the sonographer, who couldn’t decide whether to laugh or wince, managed to get the readings she needed) and there were no anomalies.

The whole thing, as I said, took 2 hours all in all so do be prepared to leave plenty of time for your scan! Also, remember to purchase photos from the machine in the waiting room if you would like the moment immortalised.

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