New Bump in Town : Third Trimester

Well I am in the third trimester and on the downhill slide now! I’m officially 3 weeks away!

Like many women in Oxfordshire, so far things have been far from calm. From morning sickness to pelvic girdle pain and now with Covid-19, it would be easy for me to think I was gestating a baby Elephant instead of a human baby, things have been moving so slowly.

I feel like a lot of Peppa Pig will be being watched over the next few weeks!!

Like many other people getting ready to birth soon, it can be bewildering with changes to the antenatal pathways which have been introduced to protect us and our babies, but also NHS staff. I was lucky that my scans took place before the lockdown. Many of you will not have had your partners in the scans with you which has been quite upsetting for many.

The third trimester brings with it some more considerations for pregnant women aside from the increase in antenatal appointments. Thinking about the birth, preparing for it physically and mentally are important. So are the day to day checks and concerns.

Tracking baby movement is really important. I am aware that if movement changes or slows and I am concerned I need to phone MAU for advice. This is really important, especially if movements slow down or stop. I have a Kicks Count bracelet and will ensure I keep an eye on my baby’s patterns.

I have started sleeping on my side now all of the time and following Tommy’s Sleep on your Side campaign. If I wake up on my back, I will gently roll over (I make this sound elegant; it’s actually like the a continent rolling over these days with all the support pillows I have propped up around myself!). This is helpful as sleeping on your back can put weight on the major arteries there.

In for my 36 week scan in my home made mask (optional at the time)

I have a slowed down digestive system that is apparently unable to process food without making me feel like I have produced too much stomach acid (I am now on Omeprazole and have been scanned for gall stones, thank fully not there). For the first time in my life I have been diagnosed with anaemia (I am usually the person whose prick test sinks like a stone when I have the test to give blood) and low B12 so am on a course of vitamin B shots at the GP (stingy) and iron tablets which thank fully are helping with my exhaustion. I have given up with the right side of my pelvis/inner thigh as they are so sore all the time (I am trying to stay active but it’s quite hard!). MAU have been amazing on the rare times I have had to go in.

Ah Toco machine, my old friend. We meet again on MAU…

I also have had my 36 week scan (without Richard – strange but actually quite nice to go in and have some time just me and the baby) which was all great. I have a large ‘un in there (7.3lbs already! I have been assured however I just grow big babies so I’m not too worried) and I was also offered a Mode of Birth appointment with the fabulous Wendy to chat about my birth plan which I will post more on later.

My Strep B Test

My hospital bag is (sort of) packed and ready, childcare for my daughter has been organised and all said….it feels like the calm before the storm! I have sent off my group Strep B test (I have done this privately as I was positive with my daughter and was on antibiotics during birth).

I am going to really try and enjoy these last few weeks before the baby comes and spend some time on me when I can and slowly getting things ready, not to mention spending some time with my daughter before she becomes a big sister and my husband while I’m only sharing him with one small.

Some things to think about:

  • Packing your hospital bag ready to go
  • Getting your birth plan written
  • Thinking of who you might like to be with you for the birth
  • Deciding on where you’d like to give birth; home birth, an MLU or at the JR on delivery suite
  • Getting those last bits and bobs together
  • Who will look after any other children for you while you’re birthing your baby
  • Watch some of the AMAZING OUH and MVP videos to prepare you for birth on our YouTube channel

How are you finding your third trimester? We’d love to know!

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