Who we are

We are honoured to be here representing the parents and soon-to-be parents of Oxfordshire.

We are here to ensure your feedback is delivered to the entire committee at our meetings (held four times a year at the John Radcliffe) and that improvements are made to the service that Oxfordshire Maternity Services delivers.

Who else comes to meetings?

Representation is offered from the vast spectrum of the NHS as well as MVP volunteers. Usually attending meetings are:

  • The Co-chairs and Vice chair of the committee
  • The Head of midwifery
  • One or more Consultant midwives
  • Better Births Consultant midwife
  • GP representative
  • Obstetric representative
  • One or more members of the Oxfordshire CCG
  • Volunteer representation
  • Student midwife representative
  • Health Visitor Representative

Want to join us?

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