New Bump in Town : 6 weeks, It’s Early But….

It’s been a rather rocky few weeks for us as I have history of multiple miscarriage and my anxiety has been through the roof, but thanks to the incredible Recurrent miscarriage unit at the John Radcliffe and the Early Pregnancy Unit at Rose Hill, they have made me feel less panicky and more relaxed with two scans, some rather personal pessaries prescribed (front or back acceptable – gulp) and even some counselling to help me through the first few weeks. The team are a finite resource but they have made me feel much more reassured and I feel that NHS Oxfordshire is really doing its best for me this pregnancy.

I did have a slight mishap when my GP refused to see me until 6 weeks (one assumes in case my pregnancy did not continue which didn’t make feel entirely great) but once I did go she was super. As I’m JUST (honestly) on a BMI of 31 and as my daughter was JUST over 10lbs at birth (a fantastic birth – honestly!) and as I’m also over 35 I’m in the category where I’ll be obstetric led at first.

However, I’m hoping as I’m tall and as I’m borderline I’ll be back with the midwives best case scenario and worst case scenario I’ll be given extra tests and scans which will keep myself and the little bean safe. I’ve also self-referred myself as requested to the Abingdon midwives and will be with Carol who was the midwife I saw with my daughter which is nice. That’s continuity of care! So I’m waiting for my 12 week scan appointment (annoyingly Christmas Eve) and my booking in appointment with baited breath.

Tiny but there at 5 weeks!

Due to high anxiety coupled with some bleeding and pain (even when you’ve already done it all you first time mums, I can assure you we are no less nervous about these things) I was scanned at 5 weeks where they saw a sack and a yolk (apparently the embryo doesn’t actually ‘emerge’ from the lining until around 6 weeks when it tucks into the all you can eat buffet of the yolk sack) and went in for a rescan at 6 weeks where we saw a very tiny 2.3mm bean and a heart-beat. 

The recurrent miscarriage unit will be scanning us every 2 weeks until I’m further along for reassurance, which I understand is a nice position to be in. Many women don’t have the luxury of an early scan for viability.

It’s more and more common to pay for a private scan (in fact I believe Rose Hill do offer these) however as miscarriage rates are relatively low (1in4) and as the majority of pregnancies will be healthy, it is worth assessing whether you do want to go ahead with one before your 12 week scan. Please also be very sure that you are opting for a medical grade viability scan – too many options are seen as ‘just a bit of fun’ and if there is an issue the sonographer has little or no time to spend with you explaining options and there is also no quick pathway through the NHS to help you further. 

I’m sick as a parrot already which I dimly remember has been worse than with my daughter (although I did have a week in an air conditioned room in Turkey at this stage of her pregnancy whereas I’m working and lugging around a heavy toddler these days!). I’ve actually wound up cutting out my ante-natal vitamin all in one as they made me feel sicker (apparently the extra iron can upset people) and am just taking vitamin C, D, E and high dose folic acid, but I’m controlling the nausea with eating small amounts regularly and lemon water (surprisingly good). 

Other than that things are hopefully progressing well and I’ll have more news at the 8 week scan next week! 

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