New Bump in Town : 9 Weeks, Booking in

This week I had my booking in appointment with the midwives in Abingdon. I was pleased that I could self-refer to the midwives if I wanted to bypass GP services (for the second baby I didn’t want to use GP time unless I had to but for the first it’s a useful appointment to ask any questions you may have about the next 8 months or so) but depending on where you are based, you sometimes need to speak to the GP to get your blue notes and/or book in your 12 week scan. It helps to call reception as soon as you know. Usually you can self-refer for your booking in appointment however.

It has a head and legs now!

I was happy to see I was under the care of Carol who had been my midwife with my previous baby and we have a very good relationship. We whizzed through all the tests. Unfortunately as I’m a tiny bit heavier (only by 1 BMI point) than I was before I had my daughter which tipped me into the 30MBI zone, and as she had been a whopping 10lbs (plus my age) I would be referred to obstetrics AND would have to have a Glucose Tolerance Test at 28 weeks to check for Gestational Diabetes, however Carol was pretty sure I’d sail through all of these and be back with the midwives in no time. 

Because I’d had Post Natal Depression after my daughter was born (mostly linked to weaning from breast feeding ) Carol made sure to note all of this on my records so I would be well looked after throughout my pregnancy. If you have suffered from depression during or after previous pregnancies or have a history of depression and anxiety, it’s really important to speak to your midwife and make it known. The perinatal mental health team in Oxfordshire really are brilliant.

Other than being weighed, providing a urine sample and being given a blood test, we went through my family medical history and recapped my past birth and miscarriage history. All of this is stored in your blue notes folder which you need to keep with you at all times, even if you go on holiday. You also need to ensure you take it to every appointment.

First time mum tip – ask your GP for urine pots and always keep a spare one at home. You’ll usually need to provide a urine sample for all appointments aside from your scans, so it always helps to go prepared with one!

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